Dress Your Children Well!

Shopping for clothes with your children can be an opportunity to help them learn to make choices and speak up for themselves. At Caline’s, we enjoy nothing more than a child who comes in and wants help picking out an outfit. We encourage them to speak their minds, telling us honestly and respectfully how they really feel about our offerings. It can be an early lesson to teach them that it is ok to tell an adult they would like something different, or that something is just not right for them. So often kids feel uncomfortable saying what they really feel to a new adult.

We like to think at Caline’s, that early on, kids can learn to speak their minds and get an honest respectful reply from an adult.  Helping them to pick out what they would really like and feel comfortable in can be very satisfying. It is our goal to have every young shopper walk out the door feeling good about their choices and about their interaction with us!


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